Yossifun - Hebrew [2 volumes]




ספר יוסיפון מנוקד - ב"כ

Josephus / Yosef ben Gurion 

Written by Yosef ben Gurion, brother of the famous philanthropist Nakdimon ben Gurion, after the destruction of The Second Temple, about Jewish history during the Second Temple.
A firsthand witness of the events that transpire at this time.

Although some of his words appear to contradict those of Chazal, he is a man of great wisdom and understanding, and is righteous and honest. He lived many years before the Sages of the Gemara. Consequently, his work is accepted as authentic, and this explains why various sages make every effort to reconcile his words with those of Chazal, so that they should not contradict one another. (menukad)


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