Yalkut Yosef with English Translation

R Yitzchak YosefSKU: EYY18V

Volume: Full Set [18 volumes]


The Saka Edition - Yalkut Yossef

ילקוט יוסף עם תרגום לאנגלית

י"ל ע"י מכון הכתר

Product Weight

Full Set [18 volumes] 26.9 kg
Hashkamat Haboker 1.276 kg
Tzitzit 1.316 kg
Tefillin [2 volumes] 3.078 kg
Tefillah I 1.506 kg
Berachot [3 volumes] 4.342 kg
Shabbat [3 volumes] 4.35 kg
Yamim Nora'im 1.56 kg
Sukkot 1.644 kg
Chanukah 0.954 kg
Purim 1.132 kg
Pesach 1.504 kg
Sefirat Haomer & Yom Tov 1.342 kg
Tisha Be'Av 1.346 kg
Full Set [17 volumes] 25.39 kg

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