Shabbat - Daily Halacha Companion

R Avichai SamimiSKU: SHBTDH   | ISBN: 9781951125233



Shabbat - A Comprehensive Daily Halacha Companion for Sephardim

Adapted from the bestselling HaShabbat V'Hilchoteha by the world renowned author & lecturer Rabbi Aharon Zakay - known for his easily comprehensible style.

  • Broken down into short daily portions
  • Great for studying with a partner or in a group

"Over the years, numerous people have expressed the need and interest in an English guide on Hilchot Shabbat for Sephardim, a compendium which would cover different areas of halacha in simple and clear terms together with practical examples. This work which is a translation of the sefer השבת והלכותיה, authored by הרב אהרן זכאי , a leading Torah scholar, address that need."

--From the Haskamah of Rabbi Eliyahu Hakkakian

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