Ascending The Path - Insight into Mesillat Yesharim [5 volumes]

R Yaakov HillelSKU: AH-ATPM5V



Ascending The Path

Insight into Mesilat Yeshorim

By Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

Volume 1

Introduction / הקדמה

Man's Duty in This World / חובות האדם בעולמו

Volume 2

Watchfulness / זהירות

Volume 3

Zeal / זריזות

Volume 4

Cleanliness / נקיות

Volume 5

Separation / פרישות

Purity / טהרה


This edition was purposefully printed in small thin volumes for convenience. Enhance your day with a burst of inspiration and Torah Wisdom. 


Weight: 1.7 kg

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